How does it work?

Bitalic supports you in the development of your website. Based on the following steps we will produce your website together with you. With minimal effort for you, we realise your entire website.

1Select a package

On this website you can choose the building blocks you want for your website. After creating a price quote we contact you by e-mail asking you for your special whises. Based on this wishes we send you a final quote.


3The design

Based on your company’s style Bitalic will create a custom webdesign. In the design we’ll take into account usability and search engine optimalization. When the design is finished you can provide us with your feedback, based on which we will adjust the design.



At this moment your website is nearly done. You can check your website for the last time. When you are satisfied we will publish your website.

2Give us your content

It is your website, so we ask you to deliver us the content you want in your website. You can just write your content in any text editor, like Microsoft Word. Images can be send to us seperately by e-mail.


4Technical realisation

When you are satisfied with the webdesign, Bitalic will start building the rest of the website. We will take the latest guidelines (from W3C) into account, so we can assure your website will perform the best possible way in the major search engines.


6Website online!

Your website is online! From now on you are free to maintain the content of your website and of course promote your website.


The only thing you have to do, is deliver the content of your website. Bitalic will take care of the rest of the development process. Do you think this way of working fits your wishes? Then go ahead and create your own quote.

Getting in touch

Bitalic is an interactive company, this means you can also reach us using interactive methods. Feel free to add us up in your MSN and ask your questions.


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